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Daveta provides a full range of services related to tower projects (internal/external), including the removal of internals, cleaning, installation of new or refurbished internals along with tower shell repairs. Professional services include:

  • Planning – blinding, CSE packages, materials for blinding and reinstatement, air movement design for air exchange

  • Planning of chemical cleaning circulation and or steam cleaning

  • Scaffolding to blind points, manways, and internal bottom tray level or access to repair areas (Scaffold Hoardings)

  • Blinding and opening of external manways of towers

  • Tunneling or opening of internal tray manways

  • Air exchange evaluation - Downgrading of CSE to ensure safe working atmosphere without supplied air

  • Tray removal and or repairs

  • Complete removal and installation of new trays due to design changes (Full Re-tray)

  • Tower shell repairs including but not limited to blending, weld metal build up, weld overlay, tray/downcomer/support beam welding repairs

  • Demister pad removal and or repairs

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  • Material baskets designed for hoisting of tray materials and scaffolding for elevated work

  • Heaters for cold weather repairs

  • Hoisting/rigging systems internally to support re-tray applications

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