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Through our Corporate Citizenship Program. Daveta supports a wide range of community initiatives, including volunteer efforts, donating to local charities and actively enhancing ways to reduce our carbon footprint.


At Daveta we believe community partnerships are fundamental and we are continually looking at ways we can support initiatives for a better tomorrow.  


Daveta is pleased to announce that we have been selected as an "Employer of Choice" with Women Building Futures, an initiative that offers programs and support services for women to explore, train and connect to careers that pay above a living wage. WBF's mission is to support women into careers that support economic security. To learn more visit



At Daveta, we believe in giving back to the community and we strive to make positive contributions to support healthy futures.  Upon project completion, Daveta is dedicated to donating back, optimizing ways in which to enhance economic development and partnering with local organizations to work together for the benefit of the people in the communities we serve.

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It was awesome, she had soooo much fun! She yelled positive encouragement to the team, it was really cute ("you can do it" "I believe in you" "just keep trying"). We also brought my dad, he is an amputee and hasn't been to a hockey game since the 90's as he doesn't fit in the regular seats with his size and leg! "

Cerebral Palsy Kids & Families 

It was so nice to be able to go to the Saddledome after an almost 3 year break. We felt much safer as it was a quiet game and because we were in the suite so thank you. Since I am immune compromised and L is deemed medically fragile we don't go out alot. So this was amazing. Thank you again!!

Cerebral Palsy Kids & Families 

Huge thank you for the tickets to the hitman game! Our family feels so lucky to have gotten another chance to enjoy the wonderful experience of watching a game from a box. Our boys loved every minute of it and we just want you to know how much we appreciate your kindness!

Cerebral Palsy Kids & Families 

I learned that I am able to be myself as I am at Cornerstone Youth Centre and it was really cool that we got to go to something like this and it was a learning experience because I got to learn more about the game. It was really fun and I got to see some fights. It was cool overall and having an experience being in the vip box is really cool. I realized that I have some really good friends even outside school and I have some funny friends and even when I am not in a good mood they never fail to put a smile on my face. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Cornerstone Youth Centre

The game was enjoyable to watch because I was with my Dad, and my dad LOVES hockey. We tried to get on the big screen but they never checked the box seats :(. The funny part was that we saw these boys taking off their shirts and waving it around just to get on the screen.We were so hyper! My friends yelled SO loud my ears were ringing (not literally). It was great to snack on the popcorn too, and ice. I learned a lot of things going to the game, one of them being that Kris could hit the Mariah Carey notes. Even though the score was 4 to five (Wranglers lost) I had so much fun with my friends. Thank you for sharing this great experience with us.

Cornerstone Youth Centre

Thank you Daveta and Jumpstart for giving us an opportunity to watch a hockey game with my family. My favorite part was when they were practicing and warming up because we could see what they could do and it also hyped me up alot. This was also my first game I saw so it was cool to me. But it was so sad that the wranglers lost. The score was 4-5. They lost in overtime. I am thankful for the tickets and all the food we ate and the experience was so fun. whoooo!

Cornerstone Youth Centre

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 1

“On behalf of the 4 people who attended last night's game (Flames V Predators), they would like to say Thank you and it was very kind of you.

One Veteran brought his wife, and the other Veteran came with his daughter.

Once again, we send our gratitude.”



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